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Antennae, Legs, Tails, Synthetic

GVS Realistic Flies Materials Legs model NML (Nymph Mayfly Legs)
Realistic legs for Mayfly Pupae and Mayflies (Ephemeroptera), 1 package comprises 12 legs for 12 flies.

GVS Realistic Flies Materials Legs model NSL (Nymph Stonefly Legs)
Realistic legs for Stonefly Pupae and for Adult Stoneflies (Plecoptera), 1 package comprises 12 legs for 12 flies.

GVS Realistic Flies Materials model CLBB (Caddisfly Larva Back Body)
Realistic bodies and legs for Caddisfly Larvae (Trichoptera), 1 package comprises 12 Bodies/legs to make 12 flies.

GVS Realistic Flies Materials A&T (Antennas & Tails)
Realistic Antennas and Tails to make Nymph, Emerger and Adults of Mayfly ( Effimere ), Stonefly ( Plecotteri ) and Caddisfly ( Tricoptera ), 1 package comprises 2 pieces of 24 Antennae/Tails (48 pieces) for 24 flies.

GVS Realistic Flies Materials Tail model GVS STM (Synthetic Tail Mayfly)
Synthetic material to make realistic Tails of Fly Dun and Spent Mayfly ( Ephemere ). The lines can be shortened, if necessary, according to the size of the Flies to be made and by burning the heads on the base, you can maintain them united and ready for tie.


GVS Realistic Flies Materials Bug Body model GVS BBNL (Bug Body Nymph Larvae)
Synthetic Latex bands to make realistic bodies of Nymph of Mayfly, Stonefly and varied Terrestrial Flies may be extended for the manufacturing period and they may be also cut according to the flies that are to be made. Bands of Bug Body may be coloured according to the preferences with Permanent Markers. 1 package comprises 0,5/1,3 m.l. of Latex of one single colour.


The used material is warranted as being non-toxic.